Unifying others around the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world

gathering advocates for kids


To empower productive kids means they know how to take advantage of technology in healthy ways for learning, career preparation, positive relationship-building, and community service.


Children can develop internal filters (inoculate = "inner eye") through understanding the risks of technology, such as excessive media use and pornography.

work together

No one can do this alone. The challenges are too great. Working with others, including youth themselves, can multiply efforts for sustainable cultural change.

create a shared vision

Collective community impact brings people together to discover creative, long-term solutions. They begin with establishing a common vision of success.

measure for success

Partners in a collective community impact effort decide upon shared measures to know if the shared vision is being fulfilled, and to make appropriate adjustments to common goals.

leverage partner expertise

Partners in a collective community impact effort continue to do what they do best, while being committed to the mutually-reinforcing vision for collaborative community change.

Partner Portal

Asynchronous video can help our collective impact partners stay connected.


epik unites those who care about children to discover solutions for empowering a deliberate digital generation. We convene these advocates for kids and offer initial backbone support to work together in a very specific way – it’s called collective impact >>> read more

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