unified around the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world

gathering advocates for kids

1/28/15 data resource pooling

For collective impact to be successful, dialogue must transition to more focused work around data. Phase 2 will involve more specific work using data to start to scope the issue, map the landscape, make a case for the Alliance’s work, and engage in community outreach.

12/4/14 adult + youth issue maps

"Not about us without us"
Figuring out solutions for children is impossible without their insights and knowledge. Read about how we processed input from both youth and adults to map the positives and negatives of technology.

11/5/14 landscape mapping

Everyone wrote down the WHO, WHAT, and WHY to lay the foundation for preliminary data-gathering and issue analysis in Phase 2. It became clear that there are many resources that are available, but not a lot of knowledge within the community about what is available.

9/30/14 issue clustering

While in the early stages of Collective Impact opinion data is important to gather, and very soon we will focus on gathering hard data. Today, three working groups clustered positives of technology, negatives of technology, and the youth council's input.

youth council meeting

We are thrilled we could meet with a student council and gain valuable information from them to include in our data gathering.

"Not about them without them"

8/28/14 issue mapping

We had an energy-filled Collective Impact meeting with cross-sector leaders beginning dialogue about the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world. There are two sides of the coin and we filled the wall with sticky notes organizing the issues involved.

partner portal

Resources and asynchronous video to help collective impact partners stay connected.


Calendar & Events

April 1

We are planning on a meeting on April 1 for those who are interested in being part of the scoping committee that will move the Alliance forward into Phase 2. (If you are interested, and you haven't yet done so, please let me know.) Read more...

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EPIK unites people to address the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world. The purpose of this alliance is for cross-sector partners, parents, and youth to work together to discover solutions for empowering a deliberate digital generation. EPIK was created to help facilitate this collaborative effort using a community change framework called collective impact. >>> read more

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