"A rising tide raises all ships"
Unifying around the complex issue of raising children in a digital world

gathering stakeholders

11/10/15 digcit positives pilot

We modeled a "Fishbowl" meeting with a youth by gathering youth in the center and watching as they collaborated and shared ideas about positive uses of technology and digcit.

Read more about about it here.

9/9/2015 short-term wins update

The Utah County Hackathon on Dec. 12 will help underprivileged children access STEM skill-building and networking opportunities.

A new website: DigCitUtah.com will launch to help schools include more positive ideas and succeed with HB213 implementation.

9/9/2015 envisioning digcit

How can we bring more positive energy and ideas to the conversation on digital citizenship?

Share your ideas with us.

6/26/15 short-term wins

Together we brainstormed a list of 18 potential quick win opportunities, then voted on the top 3 projects to focus on as an alliance to further our collective goals.

The top 3 projects are: implementing HB 213 Digital Citizenship, a Hackathon, and focusing on partnerships with the tech industry.

4/1/15 network weaving pt.2

The ability to map, understand and weave networks strategically enhances collective impact initiatives, making them more likely to succeed.
According to June Holley, author of the ‘Network Weaver Handbook’, transformational change happens when new networks supersede or replace the old ones.

1/28/15 data resource pooling

For collective impact to be successful, dialogue must transition to more focused work around data. Phase 2 will involve more specific work using data to start to scope the issue, map the landscape, make a case for the Alliance’s work, and engage in community outreach.

partner portal

Resources and asynchronous video to help collective impact partners stay connected.


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EPIK unites people to address the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world. The purpose of this alliance is for cross-sector partners, parents, and youth to work together to discover solutions for empowering a deliberate digital generation. EPIK was created to help facilitate this collaborative effort using a community change framework called collective impact. >>> read more

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