EPIK is closing it's doors but not it’s influence. 
From working collectively with you, to conferences, to online classes you have helped reframe conversations initially based in fear to flourishing in a digital world. Our work is complete and others now capably carry the baton in aspects of media literacy, digital flourishing, ethics and AI, and White Ribbon Week. There is so much help out there for all. 
The Utah PTA has especially been a trusted ally. You will find our digital wellness classes on their PTA University site along with many free resources. 
We celebrate you and with you on the learnings we’ve had individually and together in our deliberate digital efforts. It is, as we’ve said before... EPIK.
- Jan Garbett, founder of EPIK Deliberate Digital.

"EPIK's discussion series is phenomenal! If you think about it, our interactions with our devices are affecting so many different aspects of our lives and that’s why so many topics are covered. It has been an eye-opening experience for me.”

A PTA Volunteer

"It's time to move beyond just stemming the tide of digital dangers and warning parents of rough waters ahead. The time has come to turn the tide and create real digital change in our homes and communities through a more positive approach.

This positive, collaborative approach is brilliant and groundbreaking. And I believe it is the key to bring real social change to the whole culture."

Dina Alexander, President and Founder, Educate and Empower Kids

"Many parents I have talked to have expressed a deep sense of helplessness and powerlessness in navigating the changing landscape around us.

The philosophical paradigm shift of the Positive Digital Citizenship Movement is empowering to so many women as we lead in our homes with our children."

Carolina Allen, CEO Big Ocean Women

"A Positive Digital Citizenship Movement isn't just making our digital world a safer place to live, learn, work and play. The movement is about intentionally making it more human."

Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Founder & CEO, Digital Citizenship Institute

ripples of good tech share kids

Digital & Civic Wellness Discussion Series

Access to content is good. Learning in community is better.

Creating ripples of good is best. 

EPIK facilitates free Digital Wellness discussions that help people explore how digital life impacts body, mind, time, and relationships.

We're simplifying our 9-week series (see below) and creating a facilitator guide, so that you can facilitate gatherings in your own spheres of influence -- whether that be in your home, in a classroom, in your community, or with your colleagues. The guide will come at no cost to you except your time.

Digital Wellness discussions can help you and those you care about do the following:

  • Look inward: Get clear about your guiding principles and values so that the decisions you make around technology align with who you are and how you want to show up in the world.
  • Build self-awareness: Practice research-based tips around various facets of Digital Wellness. (For a sneak peek into some of the topics we discuss, see this self-assessment from the Digital Wellness Institute: https://bit.ly/3Qxjhal)
  • Learn from and with others: Share insights, questions, and experiences with your group.
  • Reach outward: As your own Digital Wellness grows, you can help others learn about these concepts, and be more able to create "ripples of good" in ways that matter to you.

Past participants in Digital Wellness gatherings have said things like "this was the highlight of my week" and "this was my favorite 'class' I have ever taken." Many have commented on the unique values-centered approach of this series. Another said, "our interactions with our devices are affecting so many different aspects of our lives and that’s why so many topics are covered. It has been an eye-opening experience for me.”


digital citizenship summit

DigCitSummit: EXPAND

EPIK hosted the 2017 DigCitSummit, which was different in many ways from a typical conference. Rather than having only one-way presenters or panels, much of the Summit was designed for roundtable sharing and discussion. Every voice mattered, including the voices of youth who attended and participated in the meetings. The theme of the Summit was EXPAND, to help attendees

  • EXPAND the conversation around kids and technology beyond just preventing the negative.
  • EXPAND their networks (people from various disciplines attended the Summit).
  • EXPAND collaborative impact toward a more Positive DigCit culture.

Watch videos from the conference, review roundtable discussion outputs, view presenter presentations, or join the #UseTech4Good conversation.

#UseTech4Good #DigCitSummit

#UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza

A highlight of the Summit was a free community #UseTech4Good Extravaganza, where youth and young adults showcased positive ways they use technology with their families, friends, education, and community service.  

Special Guest Performances by Jenn Blosil (top contestant on American Idol), The Piano Gal (Sara Arkell), and SCERA Youth Theatre's national award-winning high school company, Acting Up!
Digital Citizenship Meeting

Community Meetings

EPIK has hosted various community events to foster collaborations with youth, parents, educators, businesses, nonprofits, public servants, faith-based organizations, and others. Bringing all voices to the table can help us collectively consider the challenges and opportunities around helping children and youth thrive in a technology-driven world.

zions community

Other Impact

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Jan Garbett, Founder

Michelle Linford, Executive Director

Aubrey Lee, Director of Digital Media



273 N. East Capitol Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84103



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