"A rising tide raises all ships"
Unifying around the complex issue of raising children in a digital world

gathering stakeholders

2017 digcitsummit

EPIK is proud to partner with the Digital Citizenship Institute and host the 2017 Digital Citizenship Summit here in Utah on Nov 2 & Nov 3. Join us!

2016 digcitsummit

Watch videos from the most recent DigCitSummit. EPIK was invited to participate on a panel in the global Digital Citizenship Summit streamed live from Twitter Headquarters in October.

collaborative initiatives

EPIK was created to help facilitate collaboration around the issue of kids and technology. There are various initiatives EPIK is currently assisting with...

digcit positives pilot

We modeled a "Fishbowl" meeting with a youth by gathering youth in the center and watching as they collaborated and shared ideas about positive uses of technology and digcit.

Read more about about it here.

short-term wins update

The Utah County Hackathon on Dec. 12 will help underprivileged children access STEM skill-building and networking opportunities.

A new website: DigCitUtah.com will launch to help schools include more positive ideas and succeed with HB213 implementation.

envisioning digcit

How can we bring more positive energy and ideas to the conversation on digital citizenship?

Share your ideas with us.

30+ inspiring digital kids

these kids show the world why technology is amazing and all the good we can do with it. #UseTech4Good

get inspired

EPIK unites people to address the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world. The purpose of this alliance is for cross-sector partners, parents, and youth to work together to discover solutions for empowering a deliberate digital generation. EPIK was created to help facilitate this collaborative effort using a community change framework called collective impact. >>> read more

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  • Michelle Linford - Executive Director
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