2016 EPIK Collaborative Initiatives

EPIK was created to help facilitate collaboration around the issue of kids and technology. There are various initiatives EPIK is currently assisting with:

1) Salt Lake City Digital Inclusion Initiative (in collaboration with Google Fiber): Salt Lake City’s Digital Inclusion Initiative. As a recently-selected Google Fiber city, Salt Lake City leaders want to increase conversation and collaboration for more digital inclusion in the city. A collaborative community meeting is being planned for August 2016, to enable the city to get input on its Digital Inclusion plan. EPIK is helping support the community collaboration, as well as facilitating youth engagement activities such as the youth Hackathon in December and a booth at the Sorenson Unity Center fair in April. Read more about the Salt Lake City Digital Inclusion Initiative on EPIK’s website.
2) Ongoing support for HB213 implementation, with a particular focus on encouraging positive pilots (encouraging youth leadership in using technology in deliberate, positive ways that contribute to family, school, and/or community life).
3) Cyber Seniors pilots: In the spirit of positive pilots, EPIK has co-hired a summer intern with the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism to implement pilots of the Cyber Seniors program in Salt Lake City and Provo City. (Read more about the Cyber Seniors program and documentary.)
4) Facilitating collaboration to expand Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy efforts at a state level.
5) Facilitating collaboration to expand Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy policy at a national level (with a hat tip to Media Literacy Now and the National Association for Media Literacy Education).
6) Planning toward the #DigCitSummit that is anticipated for 2017 as part of the Salt Lake City Digital Inclusion Initiative.

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