An EPIK Bucket List!

There are two visuals that we have been using to explain the community collaboration work that EPIK Deliberate Digital is doing.

First, this image shows how EPIK is committed to a cross-sector approach to community impact. This cross-sector community work begins simply with people from various sectors sharing ideas and thoughts and conversations around a complex issue. EPIK’s work during the last year has been focused on facilitating these cross-sector community conversations. The longer-term goal will be having sectors come together to create a shared vision and shared measures that can indicate when shared goals are met.

EPIK cross sector community collaboration for impact

Second, the following “Bucket List” image is an output of some of the community conversation processes. The image reflects initial issue “clusters” that appeared as people in the community discussed the positives/opportunities and negatives/challenges related to kids and technology. These buckets help capture the various facets of what is involved in raising children in a tech-driven world.

Each bucket includes various sub-elements, and includes both positives/opportunities and negatives/challenges related to kids and technology.

This Bucket List is a work in progress. In fact, after the meeting with the Kearns Youth Council, and given input from other community meetings as well, we think adding a bucket for financial/economic considerations will be important.

EPIK Bucket List 1

EPIK Economic Financial Bucket imageEPIK economic and financial impact bucket description


EPIK celebrates all the work that is done on behalf of youth to help bring the benefits of technology into their lives, and to prevent potential negative impacts of technology. With an eye toward cross-sector collaboration and a bucket list view, EPIK is committed to help “hold a space for the whole” in community conversations. We believe that this big-picture view can help facilitate and create more opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. Even the best individual programs, curricula, products, and services are insufficient to address all that the next generation needs to be prepared for their futures. They need us to work with them, and to work together!



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