Collaboration Continuum

~by Aubrey

We came back from the Champions for Change Conference in Calgary with so many ideas brewing in our heads.

One thought that I got really excited about was this Collaboration Continuum.

Take a minute to study this chart. As you move from the left (competing for everything) to the right (being integrated with other players and sharing data and success) you become a trusting and trusted partner. You can better fulfill your goals as well as help others fulfill theirs.

Collective Impact helps you to move along this continuum and feel your relationships grow.

Where you were on this chart one year ago with relation to others who are interested in children and technology. Now, think about where you are today. Have you advanced from competing or co-existing to cooperating or even coordinating?

Where on this chart would you like to be?

What steps do you need to take to get to where you would like to be? Visualize the outcome.

It’s awesome once we all have the same desire to fully integrate our efforts¬†and thus benefit children and the community because we trust each other and care more about the beneficiaries than our programs.

Tight-knit leaders equals a tight-knit community.

Original from Tamarack

Original from Tamarack

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