#DigCitSummit 2017

Utah Valley Convention Center

Provo, UT

November 2017

The 2017 DigCitSummit (Digital Citizenship Summit) was a 2-day event focused on EXPANDing conversations and collaborative change around issues related to kids and technology.

Teachers, parents, youth, and professionals from multiple sectors (e.g., education, business, government, non-profit, health, etc.) gathered to talk about how adults and kids can work together toward more deliberate and positive technology use (#UseTech4Good).

The 2017 DigCitSummit was different from your typical conference. Hosted by EPIK Deliberate Digital, the Summit meetings were heavily focused on creative, collaborative, roundtable discussions. Every voice and perspective mattered at this Summit.

The DigCitSummit is really about creating a movement of people making an impact -- ripples -- in their own spheres to change the way we as adults and kids alike talk about, teach, and engage the powerful and ever-expanding digital landscape of our day.

Watch the DigCitSummit 2017 Speakers

Summit Kickoff

Mike Ribble
Marialice B.F.X. Curran

What is Digital Citizenship?

What is Digital Citizenship?
​Why does it matter?

Foundations of Citizenship

What are the root principles of good citizenship?
​How can we cultivate these roots?

Reducing Risks & Fostering Positives

Dr. David Hawkins
What decades of prevention science can teach us about raising/mentoring healthy children.

You can read more about his work in this seminal, multidisciplinary paper entitled
“The Power of Prevention.”

Parenting in a Digital World

Parenting in a Digital World
​Grounded in timeless principles, engaging like never before.

The Jobs to be Done Theory

Jake Schroeder
How can a focus on the progress of those you serve change how you work?


How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good in personal, educational, local, and global spheres?

#WeNotMe (#WeANDMe)

An interactive workshop to help explore how we can EXPAND conversations, collaborations, and community - building toward a more positive #UseTech4Good culture.

Digital Citizenship Summit 2017 International Video

DigCit Leaders from around the world gathered virtually.

View the full list of speakers and facilitators for the 2017 DigCitSummit here.

​Youth Extravaganza

A highlight of the 2017 DigCit Summit! Elementary, junior high, high school, and college students showcased ways that they #UseTech4Good.

Special Guest Performances by Jenn Blosil (top contestant on American Idol), The Piano Gal (Sara Arkell), and SCERA Youth Theatre's national award-winning high school company, Acting Up!

Special thanks to the youth who contributed their stories to this event!

Roundtable Discussion Outputs

These meetings were interactive and participatory, including several roundtable discussions. Outputs (artifacts) of those roundtable discussions are included here.
These artifacts are designed to invite further discussions and idea-sharing.

White Paper

Prevention Science:
A Framework for Positive Digital Citizenship

DigCitSummit 2017

Agenda Booklet

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