The DigCitSummit was co-founded by Marialice B.F.X. Curran and David Ryan Polgar (who knew that a coffee shop meeting could end up planting the seeds for a growing worldwide movement?).

The 2017 DigCitSummit is the third annual DigCitSummit. In 2015 the Summit captured international attention in Connecticut, leading to a Summit in the UK in 2016 and the second annual DigCitSummit at Twitter Headquarters.

The #DigCitSummit is part of a larger movement committed to changing conversations and culture around kids and technology. We all know we need to help kids avoid risks and dangers online, AND kids also need mentoring and experience using technology in deliberate positive ways. #UseTech4Good is the key focus of this summit and the growing movement.

The 2017 DigCitSummit is being held in Utah because the first digital citizenship bill in the U.S. was passed in Utah, and there is a lot of budding energy around digital citizenship in the state. EPIK Deliberate Digital is also located in Utah, and they agreed to plan and host the summit.

But this movement to change conversations and culture around Digital Citizenship toward the positive is not about any one person, organization, event, state, or even nation. Check out digcitsummit.com for more information on the international Summits taking place that are part of this growing Movement. Nigeria just hosted their first summit and Mexico also just hosted their first summit October 5, they were both a huge success! The Summit in Kenya is scheduled for June 2018! Australia has a summit scheduled in the coming months, and nations such as Spain, Portugal, Ghana, Columbia, and Canada are also working toward hosting their own national DigCitSummits.
Being part of this Summit means being part of something BIG. Come join in the excitement and the change that is happening!


The theme in 2017 is EXPAND.

EXPAND the conversation around kids and technology.

EXPAND your network.

EXPAND our shared impact toward a more Positive DigCit culture.

This flagship DigCitSummit event will be different than most conferences. We won't be having a one-way lecture/panel model, but rather will be engaging together in roundtable sharing and discussion. Every voice will matter, including the voices of youth who attend the meetings. #NotAboutThemWithoutThem

The DigCitSummit is really about creating a movement of people making an impact -- ripples -- in their own spheres to change the way we as adults and kids alike talk about, teach, and engage the powerful and ever-expanding digital landscape of our day.

The theme for the conference is EXPAND. Discussions at the Summit will revolve around the word AND. Themes that may be discussed include the following:

  • How can Adults AND youth learn and co-create ideas side-by-side re: how to use technology in deliberate, healthy, and positive ways?
  • How do we create conversations and a culture that recognize the risks of digital technologies AND celebrate, champion, and co-create Positive Digital Citizenship?
  • Literacy, citizenship, and innovation demand an AND mindset. How can kids and adults alike build skills of listening and engaging multiple sides of an issue in this often divisive digital age?
  • How can top-down AND bottom-up forces work together toward cultural change that champions the positives AND educates and mentors kids through the problems?
  • How can content AND process work together in building DigCit skills? (Information alone is not enough! Kids need real-life experiences engaging with real people in safe digital spaces, and they need safe spaces to make mistakes with technology so they can learn from their experiences.)
  • How can we EXPAND DigCit so that all sectors are engaged in these AND conversations?
  • For many digital natives, life is not real life vs. digital life. Rather, life = what happens in the face-to-face world AND what happens through digital media. A whole summit could be devoted to debates and discussions around whether that word "should" be OR or AND. What do you think?


The DigCit Summit is a gathering of all stakeholders to create cultural change regarding youth/adults and technology.

The Vision: Changing conversations and culture around kids and technology to include more positives. We envision a movement where youth and adults work together to #UseTech4Good.

The 2017 DigCitSummit (Digital Citizenship Summit) is a 2-day event focused on expanding conversations and collaborative change around issues related to kids and technology. The 2017 DigCitSummit is on November 2-3 at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah.

The 2017 DigCitSummit is where teachers, parents, youth, and professionals from multiple sectors (e.g., education, business, government, non-profit, health, etc.) gather to talk about how adults and kids can work together toward more deliberate and positive technology use (#UseTech4Good).

The 2017 DigCitSummit will be different from your typical conference. This Summit is hosted by EPIK Deliberate Digital and the Summit meetings will be heavily focused on creative, collaborative, roundtable discussions. Come ready to plug in and participate! Every voice and perspective will matter at this Summit.


The DigCit Summit provides the ideal gathering space for national and international Digital Citizenship influencers. The meeting format will be different than the usual conference. We will create conversations about concepts and opportunities with a goal toward cultural change.

The Summit will foster cross-sector collaboration around Positive DigCit. The purpose for the additional free events is to involve not only the attendees, but also the public/community.


The DigCit Summit gathers stakeholders from all areas to expand their knowledge of all facets of digital citizenship and the necessity of working together with youth.

Educators, tech leaders, innovators, students, parents, administrators, government officials, education officials from local, state, and federal levels, media specialists, non-profit organizations, businesses, thought leaders, librarians, youth-advocates, and more will gather together at the DigCit Summit. Every person is vital to the collective. Every person has a unique view and important input into the whole.