2017 DigCitSummit


Speakers & Facilitators

In addition to the following speakers and facilitators, dozens of youth were involved in the community events, including the #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza.

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kids educate empower


Founder & President, Educate and Empower Kids

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?" & "Prevention Science as a Framework for Digital Citizenship" community event at TribeHouse event center

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Dina Alexander is the founder and president of Educate and Empower Kids (educateempowerkids.org), an organization determined to strengthen families by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online porn.

She is the creator of Noah's New PhoneHow to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography and the 30 Days of Sex Talks and 30 Days to a Stronger Child programs.

She received her master’s degree in recreation therapy from the University of Utah and her bachelors from Brigham Young University. She is an amazing mom and loves spending time with her husband and three kids. Together, they live in Texas.

Speaker Utah Conference Digital


Founder & CEO, Big Ocean Women

"Parenting in a Digital World: Grounded in timeless principles, engaging like never before" & "Parenting in a Digital Age" community event at the TribeHouse Event Center

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Born in Rio Grand do Sul Brazil, Carolina and her family immigrated to the U.S where she later earned a BS degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah. She has a great appreciation for diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religious world views, which she learned first from her parents and five siblings.

As the founder and CEO of the Maternal Feminist organization, Big Ocean Women, she and her team have had the opportunity to participate in various local, national, and international conferences (Women of the Mountains Conference, World Congress of families, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations Habitat 3) where they have shared the Big Ocean culture and philosophy with others.

She is a grassroots organizer and believes in the power of many voices working together to grow the good. She loves to engage with others in meaningful dialogue and discussion and has lead and participated in many thriving community cooperatives. As a fluent trilingual, she has taught classes in Portuguese, Spanish, as well as Civic Engagement and philosophy. She and her husband are homeschool enthusiasts and parents to six budding artists, athletes, and young scholars. She is an avid soccer fan and had a brief career as a semi-professional player.

Mar Amador Youth #UseTech4Good


Mentoring Team Leader for BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc.

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" & #Millennials4Good community event at Stevens-Henager College

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Mar is the Mentoring Team Leader and Elementary Intern for BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. As part of BRAVE for three years now, they continue to return due to the welcoming and loving sense of family BRAVE has given them.

Mar hopes to provide all students and incoming members an equal amount of love and support so that they may too find a home within BRAVE. 

Mar seeks to make the world a better place each day by speaking up for others and encouraging  respect for all humans. They are currently studying Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Connecticut and hope to one day become a child advocate.

speaker digital citizenship summit conference utah


Founder & CEO, YouTern

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?" & #Millennials4Good community event at Stevens-Henager College

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Mark S. Babbitt is CEO and Founder of YouTern, an online community and social career resource for young professionals. He is also the President of WorqIQ, a consultancy that takes an in-depth look at the factors that contribute to workplace intelligence as well as our overall experience of work from the human perspective.

Mark is co-author of the best-seller A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. A prolific blogger; Mark’s work can be seen in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and many other outlets. An in-demand speaker, he was named one of Inc. Magazines Top 100 Leadership Speakers.

Mark is the father of five, grandfather of 4, and dog-dad to two black Labradors. He and the woman who tolerates him (barely) call the mountains of Colorado home.

Jamiah Bennett


UConn Student, BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc.

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" & #Millennials4Good community event at Stevens-Henager College

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Jamiah is a sophomore at UConn as an undecided major. Over the past year, Jamiah has been galvanized by her work with BRAVE Girls Leadership, and she looks forward to another year working with the nonprofit. She sees her work and BRAVE's mission to help others around the world be self-empowered and be the best version of themselves as her life goal. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, and listening to music.

Jeremy Bond


Publications Coordinator, State Education Resource Center

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?" &

"Expanding Conversations around Digital Access" community event at Google Fiber

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Jeremy D. Bond is dedicated to education—through his career in communication and a drive to elevate the conversation about the educational experience. After serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Middlesex County, CT, assisting families and children with serious emotional disturbance, he went on to cover mental health policy and other human services from a state and national perspective. He was editor and reporter for a series of specialty publications outside Washington, D.C., covering Capitol Hill, federal agencies and courts, and major conferences and events in Washington and other cities, as well as a local business and community reporter. He would return to Connecticut with his family and become Publications Coordinator at SERC, an invaluable resource from his AmeriCorps days in the Middletown region.

Jeremy is an avid fan of promoting digital citizenship and developing a professional and personal learning community through social media. He also has supported statewide and national efforts related to family and community engagement. Jeremy and his wife, Kate, have two daughters in West Hartford Public Schools.

Marialice B.F.X. Curran Speaker


Founder & CEO, Digital Citizenship Institute

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" & "Expanding Conversations around Digital Access" event at Google Fiber Provo & "Humanizing the Virtual" community event at AAI

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Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran is the Founder and CEO of the Digital Citizenship Institute. Her advanced graduate and doctoral studies on adolescent development at Boston College reinforced her commitment to service learning as Dr. Curran leads by hand, heart and mind. As a mother and a connected educator, she has served as an associate professor, middle school teacher, principal and library media specialist.

As a pioneer in digital citizenship, she developed and created the first 3-credit digital citizenship course for teachers in the United States. She co-founded the digital citizenship chat in Twitter (2011) and the Digital Citizenship Summit (2015). She serves on the leadership team for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Digital Citizenship PLN and is a researcher, keynote, international speaker and TEDxYouth speaker.

An entrepreneur and puppeteer at the age of 11, Dr. Curran's experiences include world travel with particular interest in the creative arts, middle level education, special education, teacher education and educational technology. Dr. Curran is committed to promoting social good using social media and technology. She believes in a community-driven approach to educating and empowering digital citizens to create solutions in local, global and digital communities. Her mission is to turn negatives into positives and help to transform participants into designers, creative thinkers, global collaborators, problem solvers and justice-oriented digital citizens.

She has partnered with her ten-year old son and the two are a recognized professionally as a mother/son digital citizenship team. The dynamic duo model best practices while working with parents, educators, students and community organizations.

Find out more at the Digital Citizenship Institute.

Follow  Marialice on Twitter at @mbfxc and @digcitinstitute, @digcitsummit and @digcitkids.

Speaker Digital Citizen Summit 2017


Founder & CEO, BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc.

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" & community event at Stevens-Henager College

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Meaghan Davis is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. She first established BRAVE in the Spring of 2013 while working as a high school social studies teacher. Her development of BRAVE was initially inspired by her work with students as a classroom teacher.

She truly believes in the positive power of students and she is determined to support students in their discovery of their best self and realize their own full potential to be BRAVE.

Meaghan continues to be inspired and challenged everyday by the words, actions and stories of courageous people, especially students, who contribute to making the world a better place for all.

Curran Dee Youth Speaker


5th Grader & CKO, DigCitKids

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?"

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At the age of nine, Curran Dee founded DigCitKids, digital citizenship for kids by kids.  As the & Chief Kid Officer (CKO), he is a fifth grader, a gamer and YouTuber, a hockey player and an international speaker (at DigCitSummitUK, Twitter Headquarters, DigCitSummitNG and DigCitSummitMX) and a student Ignite speaker at ISTE. He has presented at Minefaire and online at both EdChange Global and Global Maker Day. He is a student ambassador for Buncee, Flipgrid, Hoonuit, GoBubble and and Rosetta Stone. A regular student tweeter, he has moderated chats on digital citizenship and student choice and voice on Twitter and provides professional development for teachers and parents on digital citizenship and digital literacy.

Curran is also a TEDxYouth speaker and his talk has been used as part of professional development for educators as a way to encourage student voice, student choice and students as leaders, “If you want us to learn about the world, we need to learn with the world.”

By the first grade, Curran started blogging at home as a way to complete traditional assignments in school. Unfortunately, he only has digital access at home and this has inspired him to advocate for connected learning opportunities in all classrooms around the world. His wish is for digital access for all students everywhere and DigCitKids is a way to amplify student voice in K-12 classrooms.

Find out more at DigCitKids.

Follow Curran at @CurranCentral and @digcitkids.

collective impact framework color


Lionheart Mentoring

"Foundations of Citizenship: What are some root principles of good citizenship? How can we cultivate these roots?" & "Parenting in a Digital Age" community event at the TribeHouse event center

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Ethan Fausett did a lot of things growing up.  At the age of 16 he graduated high school and started college.  He also was a member of the planning committee for the World Congress of Families IX.  Ethan was an intern for a lobbyist group at the Utah state capitol for three years.  When he was 18 he was elected as a state delegate for his political party and got a job working in the political sphere.

However, through all of that he had a secret which brought him tremendous shame and depression.  Though he didn’t let anyone see it he struggled with an addiction.  Right before he turned 19 he made the choice to open up and get help.  Now Ethan is almost 20, preparing to serve a mission for his church, and spends his time finding ways to uplift the world around him.

Ethan is a trained Lionheart Mentoring speaker and mentor through which he works with youth to overcome obstacles and achieve dreams. His goal in life is to help people know that they are loved and that they can overcome any of their trials.  And he wants to do that in any way he can, big or small.

Grace Garn


Youth Presenter

Day 2 Kickoff & "#UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza"

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Grace Garn is a 17-year-old senior in her homeschool studies who is passionate about inspiring change through global communication. She feels that using technology in the most positive and refined ways possible is key to creating a happy and successful community.

Grace has lead online marketing for five years including business promotion and event and website creation. Grace loves to participate in public speech and debate and has been producing events and conferences for youth and young adults for nearly a decade. To stay connected with grace add her on Facebook or Instagram @myfriendgracie 

James - White - Colour (3)


CSO, Impero Software

"Prevention Science as a Framework for Digital Citizenship" community event at TribeHouse event center

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Having supported the design of the first education managed service to every school in Northern Ireland, as well as the UK’s leading online learning system, James’ passion for education and technology has spanned over twenty years. With a wealth of experience in leading high-growth IT and service companies, James applies his knowledge to improve teaching standards through the use of technology and support educators in achieving the goals of No Child Left Behind.

Being an active charity advocate, James is passionate about developing children and young people into positive citizens whilst providing opportunities to excel. Using his spare time as a soccer coach for under 7’s, the happy father of four boys further aims to focus his efforts in the online safety space by introducing a digital citizenship program to both children and his fellow coaches in the upcoming months.

8.28.14 issue map positives


Professor Emeritus & Founding Director of the Social Development Research Group, School of Social Work

"Reducing Risks AND Fostering Positives: What decades of prevention science can teach us about raising/mentoring healthy children"

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Dr. J. David Hawkins is Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the Social Development Research Group, School of Social Work, University of Washington. He received his BA in 1967 from Stanford University and his PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University in 1975. His research focuses on understanding and preventing child and adolescent health and behavior problems. He seeks to identify risk and protective factors for health and behavior problems across multiple domains; to understand how these factors interact in the development of healthy behavior and the prevention of problem behaviors. He develops and tests prevention strategies which seek to reduce risk through the enhancement of strengths and protective factors in families, schools, and communities.

Dr. Hawkins has authored over 250 peer-reviewed articles and several books as well as prevention programs for parents and families, including Guiding Good ChoicesParents Who Care, and Supporting School Success. His prevention work is guided by the social development model, his theory of human behavior.

June Holley Network Weaver


Author, Network Weaver Handbook

"#WeNotMe: Changing conversations and culture around and with kids through EXPANDed conversations, collaborations, and community-building"

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June Holley provides consulting, training and coaching to organizations around the world who are interested in creating healthier networks through a better understanding of self-organization, collaboration, innovation and learning. She has developed face-to-face and virtual training programs and communities of practice for Network Weavers, pioneering in the use of the social web to support network efforts.  She is author of the Network Weaver Handbook and is developing a set of web-based modules on networks and self-organizing.

Previously June led the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet), a regional network in Appalachian Ohio that helped more than 1000 lower income residents start up food, artisan and technology businesses and facilitated regional partnerships that led to the formation of hundreds of new cross sector services, projects, and activities.

DigCitSummit Speaker Utah


Founder & Executive Director, The Opportunity Foundation of America

"Expanding Conversations around Digital Access" community event at Google Fiber

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For over three decades, Debbie Inkley has been a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities and a catalyst for job skills training and employment opportunities.  She was board chairman of United Cerebral Palsy of Utah from 1985 to 1991 and Director of the Utah’s Governor’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities from 1991 to 1995.

Debbie was co-founder and president of BOOST Inc., from 1994 to 2004.  BOOST provided job skills training at “no-cost” for people with, physical, emotional, financial, and domestic challenges.  The BOOST Program helped more than 3,000 people in the US and the UK.  In 1999, Debbie founded The Opportunity Foundation of America and serves as Executive Director.  The mission of this non-profit organization is:  To improve the quality of life for children and adults with profound physical challenges and their families with the EagleEyes technology. Currently, there are over 450 EagleEyes systems distributed in the US and Canada, in universities, public schools, non-profits organizations and individual homes.

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Founder & Executive Director, HAPPI

"Parenting in a Digital World: Grounded in timeless principles, engaging like never before" & "Parenting in a Digital Age" community event at the TribeHouse Event Center

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Gabi is the Founder/Executive Director of a pre-launch non-profit called HAPPI (Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally). Their mission is to educate, inspire and empower parents to connect with themselves and their local communities to ensure future generations of HAPPIness. 

The vision all originally stemmed from watching his niece engage with an iPad before the age of 2. He noticed how quickly she became proficient on it and all too often saw her consuming sponsored content on YouTube for toys, candy/chocolate and even makeup. Once he noticed this, he knew something had to change but ultimately realized this problem is merely a symptom of much larger systemic issues. He decided it was much more important to educate parents on the importance of practicing self care and cultivating attention by using technology mindfully to create more space for them to be present with themselves, their kids and their local communities.

Before working on HAPPI, Gabi spent 5 years in the tech industry of Silicon Valley. He was born and raised in the Bay Area which has largely contributed to his affinity for technology. Gabi firmly believes that technology plays a huge role in creating a more equitable and inclusive society but we need the technology to be design with a human-centered approach. 

speaker digital citizenship utah


Creator of White Ribbon Week

"Parenting in a Digital Age" community event at the Tribehouse Event Center

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Deanna Lambson has lots of experience teaching kids as an elementary school teacher, mother of 6, and PTA volunteer for over 23 years. Deanna developed a fun and empowering White Ribbon Week program for her kids’ school. “I’ve Got the Power!” quickly spread to other schools, was endorsed by the Utah State PTA and used nationally. She has since published “Let’s Get Real”, “Be a Media Detective!” and “Brain Power!” Each week-long program helps parents teach Internet safety and media literacy in a positive and empowering way. Deanna loves helping parents find reassuring ways to talk to kids. Deanna is the founder of whiteribbonweek.org. She and her husband Don live with their children and 3 fainting goats in Sandy, UT.

Michelle Lenhardt Speaker


Author, Videographer, Nonprofit Founder, Mom

"Parenting in a Digital World: Grounded in timeless principles, engaging like never before"

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I'm the kind of mom who drives through mud puddles, throws pumpkins off the roof and lets the kids move the ping-pong table into the kitchen for the summer. Despite (or probably, because of) my immaturity, my five sons and one daughter are happy, thriving, funny people. I'll climb a mountain with you, jump into a freezing lake hand-in-hand or just sit with you while you cry. Author of 'How to Ruin Your Relationship With Your Teenager,  scenesfromthewild.net and rubygirl.org.

circle faith


Director of Engagement, BrainPOP

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?"

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Jessica Millstone is the Director of Engagement at BrainPOP, helping support teacher and family interaction with BrainPOP’s beloved animated movies and interactive tools in new and deeper ways. Building audience engagement and developing new markets for stellar educational online content are her passions. Previously Jessica was the inaugural Education Fellow at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, a research + innovation lab at Sesame Workshop dedicated to bringing educators, parents and kids closer together through their shared use of digital learning games, tools, and toys.

Inspired by her work at BrainPOP and raising two young children in New York City, Jessica created a popular talk for parents about the role of technology and social media in our children’s lives which she delivers in collaboration with Common Sense Media. She holds advanced master’s degrees from New York University's Interactive Telecommunication Program and Bank Street College of Education, where she was an adjunct professor of instructional technology for 5 years.

speaker tech conference


Women's Advocate, Government Liaison, Campaign Consultant

"Expanding Conversations about Tech Sector Pipleline needs in Utah" community event at Silicon Slopes in Lehi

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Celina is a trusted center of influence with an extensive diversified network.  Her passion and enthusiasm lies in serving the communities of her home town.  Born and raised in West Jordan, Utah, Celina’s first career was in the travel and hospitality industry where she worked in various roles bringing business conventions, conferences, and destination travelers to Salt Lake County boosting the local tax revenue.

In 2013, Celina was honored to serve in Mayor Ben McAdams inaugural administration with Salt Lake County as his Community Liaison and Special Projects Director.  Most recently she was the Director of School Engagement in Utah and Nevada for Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which is the nation’s leading provider of K-12 STEM programs helping students develop the skills necessary to succeed in our global economy.

Professionally, she’s worked to bring businesses, people, and communities together through the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. Her experience has shown her how to find common ground and collaborate on effective solutions.

She has also served on the board of several local non-profit organizations and educational programs which promote the interests and wellbeing of women and children.  In her spare time she devotes her personal efforts to organizations that focus on the empowerment of women, safety of children, and the advancement of underserved communities.

She also dedicates her time to promoting civic engagement and political participation at all levels.  She ran for the House of Representatives for District 34 in Taylorsville in 2012 and for Utah State Senate District 6 of West Jordan in 2016.  She is currently writing a book, The Birth of an Election: A Compilation of Women’s Experiences Running for Office, and is a political reporter for HER Magazine during the legislative season up at the Capitol.



Marriage and Family/Addiction Recovery Therapist

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?"

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Dr. Adam M. Moore is a licensed marriage and family therapist and specializes in treating sexual addiction and related partner trauma. Dr. Moore is currently Clinical Director of Utah Valley Counseling and President of the Utah Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. His prior experience includes working as Assistant Director of BYU's Comprehensive Clinic. Dr. Moore is co-author of The Recovery Workbook for Sexual Addiction and Compulsive Sexual Behaviors and offers online recovery education through My Recovery Portal.

speaker conference 2017


Teacher & Technology Integrator

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" & "Positively Social and #UseTech4Good Youth Discussion" community event at Microsoft City Creek

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Rachel Murat  has been a Teacher for 22 years and Technology Integrator for 3 years at Maine-Endwell Central School District, located in Central New York.  She currently teaches AP Government and Politics, Economics, US History, Digital Citizenship and a GSuite course.  She is very active as an advisor, and currently advises Key Club (service based organization), Mock Trial, the Class of 2021 and the Mentor/Tutor Program.  

She is President and Founder of M-EALS and Leadership, a federally recognized nonprofit organization that provides food to district families living in unstable homes and provides grants to in district leadership initiatives.  She is the founder and organizer of EdCampSTNY and DigCitSummit M-E and has been a co-organizer for EdCampCNY.  She has presented at local, regional, statewide and national conferences on topics ranging from Digital Citizenship to Technology Integration.  

She was awarded the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year in 2009, has been recognized by Who’s Who in American Teachers four times, and as a Distinguished Teacher seven times.  She is active on social media and can be found on Twitter @MrsMurat and on Instagram @rmurat141.

Oluwakemi_Olurinola (1)


Professor of Education, Olabisi Onabanjo University

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?"

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Dr. Olurinola OluwaKemi, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow and Master Trainer, has a PhD in Educational Technology and works with the Faculty of Education, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye, Ogun state, in Nigeria. She is also runs Exquitec Education Technology, a firm that assist schools integrate Technology in the teaching and learning process and train teachers on same, with focus on low resource schools. Oluwakemi is passionate about kids and has both organized and collaborated on a number of tech for kids events. She is a speaker, has spoken at various conferences both nationally and internationally.

Digital Citizen Summit 2017 Speaker


AmeriCorps VISTA member, United Way of Utah County Digital Inclusion

"Expanding Conversations about Digital Access" community event at Google Fiber

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Nathan Packard is from Omaha, Nebraska and is currently finishing up his degree at Brigham Young University. His major is sociology with a minor in statistics. Nathan is an AmeriCorps VISTA member doing a year of service at United Way of Utah County's Digital Inclusion program. Some of his responsibilities include administering a free computer skills help lab at the Provo Library; coordinating an adopt-a-computer program which gives free computers to qualifying individuals who complete a certain amount of skills training; and organizing ReLaunch program, which helps prepare women to reenter the workforce by providing resume and job search training. Nathan is passionate about computers and using them to do good.

EPIK clustering meeting 9.30


Senior Program Manager, iKeepSafe

"Parenting in a Digital Age" community event at the TribeHouse Event Center

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Felicia is the Senior Program Manager at iKeepSafe, a non-profit specializing in student data privacy compliance, and host of the NICE National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference.

Prior to working with iKeepSafe, Felicia served as the US Marketing Manager for Impero Software, an international education technology company, where she was instrumental in developing the US version of their online safety monitoring keyword library. She was the catalyst of the Impero Software and Digital Citizenship Summit partnership, and coordinator of their joint publication “Digital Citizenship: A Holistic Primer.”

Before entering the education technology marketing field, she was a Career and Technical Education Graphic Arts instructor for eight  years, an adult CTE trainer and mentor, a SkillsUSA National Judge, and Missouri ACTE officer.

In addition to her professional experience in education, CTE, digital citizenship and data privacy, she has raised four now-adult daughters through ever changing technological landscape, which lends to first-hand knowledge of education technology.

Felicia holds an MBA with Marketing emphasis, lifetime Missouri Secondary and Postsecondary Teaching Certifications in Graphic Arts, Graphic Communications and Illustration, and is currently completing an MSM in Organizational Leadership and Change Management. Felicia resides in Mid-Missouri with her husband and trusty dog Chubbs. When not working, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and studying natural human movement.

circle education


Digital Literacy & Access VISTA, International Rescue Committee

"Positively Social Screening and #UseTech4Good Youth Discussion" community event at Microsoft City Creek

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Vikram was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He served a two year mission for his church in Southern India, before graduating from Brigham Young University (BYU) in business strategy.

At BYU, he volunteered at the Slate Canyon Youth Detention Center for two and a half years, mentoring youth transitioning to re-enter the community. He also interned and then worked for the Google Community Leaders Program , where he researched and worked on grassroots efforts to bridge the digital divide.

Through the Americorps VISTA program, Vikram now works for the International Rescue Committee on its digital literacy and access initiatives for refugees in Utah.

11-5-14 sharing1


Prevention Program Manager for the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

"Prevention Science as a Framework for Digital Citizenship" community event at TribeHouse event center

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Ben Reaves, M.Ed. is a Prevention Program Manager for the Utah
Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, (DSAMH) where he
provides management and oversight of prevention planning and
programs for the states 13 Local Substance Abuse Authorities. Ben
has a combined 19 years of Mental Health, Treatment and Prevention
experience. Prior to working for DSAMH, he was a prevention
coordinator in Utah County where he gained experience in
collaborating with teachers, parents, counselors, law enforcement,
lawmakers, community groups and students of all ages on preventing
substance abuse and promoting healthy life skills.

speaker international digcitsummit


Founder, Digital Respons-Ability

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?" &

"Expanding Conversations about Digital Access" community event at Google Fiber

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Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is an informational professional, college instructor, writer, event planner and digital inclusion advocate. She is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a state contractor providing digital citizenship education and other program and technology services to schools, parents and other organization. Carrie is also the co-founder of Wizarding Dayz, the largest fantasy convention in the state of Utah which regularly interacts and donates to local organization.

Carrie is a sought-after speaker in the community and has presented and trained both locally and nationally on such subjects as technology, online safety, communication, leadership and working with special populations.

In 2016 she was selected in a competitive process to be a TEDxSaltLakeCity speaker and has trained many others on presentation skills. Despite her work in technology, she is low tech at home with her family and loves going to parks and reading books to her young son.

Jake Schroeder cropped photo


MBA student, Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University

"The Jobs to be Done theory: How a customer/progress-focused mindset can impact our parenting, education, mentoring, legislation/policy-making, and innovative initiatives"

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Jake is currently finishing up his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University near Chicago. Before Kellogg, Jake worked directly with Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School where they launched HBS’ first-ever online education course, Disruptive Strategy. Since then, Jake has been working with Professor Christensen and Bob Moesta on new product offerings around the Jobs to be Done theory (JTBD). JTBD is a consumer insight theory that uncovers what causes people to do what they do. Their current work seeks to bridge the gap between understanding JTBD theory and actually using JTBD theory to develop rich consumer insights.

Jake completed a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the countries of Armenia and Georgia before graduating from Brigham Young University with a BA in Economics. After graduating with his MBA next June, Jake will become a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in their Dallas office. Jake grew up in Oregon and enjoys spending his time with his 5 children.

circle faith


Dean of Students, Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy

"Foundations of Citizenship: What are some root principles of good citizenship? How can we cultivate these roots?"

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Dustin Simmons is Dean of Students at Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, where he teaches ancient history, literature, and Latin. He also coaches soccer. He has a MA in Comparative Studies emphasizing the Classics (basically anything and everything having to do with the ancient Greeks and Romans).

He spends most days with his nose in old books, convincing teenagers to read great books, or helping students realize why history and literature are still relevant in today's social media-dominated world. Thinking deeply about powerful principles with young people keeps him motivated and young-at-heart.

speaker digital citizenship summit


President, UCET

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?"

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Dani Sloan is a technology specialist with an expertise in using social media in the classroom. She is an Instructor at the University of Utah teaching technology integration in classrooms to pre-service teachers and President of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology. 

Dani is enthusiastic about promoting innovation in classrooms, makerspaces, elegant use of social media, and teachers being in control of their own PR. She likes to spend time with her family and friends, read, listen to podcasts, and watch shamelessly bad television. She is married to a rockstar high school teacher, has a preschooler, and two (useless, but lovable) dachshunds.



Sponsor of the nation's first Digital Citizenship bill, Utah's HB213

"What is Digital Citizenship? Why does it matter?"

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Keven Stratton is first and foremost a husband, father, and grandfather. He's also passionate about community and civic service. He has been a member of the Utah House of Representatives since 2012. Representative Stratton was the sponsor of the first Digital Citizenship bill in the nation (HB213). In addition to his work as a public servant, Keven is a lawyer, businessman, and farmer. He will tell you that some of his earliest life lessons were learned working alongside his parents while helping with the family's orchard business. Few things matter more to him than side-by-side, one-on-one opportunities for learning, work, and service. He's also grateful to join in collaborative efforts such as the DigCitSummit. 

circle education


Educational Technology Consultant, DigCitSummitMX

"Expanding Conversations about Digital Access" community event at Google Fiber

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Mom of 3 teenage girls, passionate about educational technology and digital citizenship. Co-founder of Eduktech, consultant and adviser in the implementation of educational technology and digital citizenship in different educational institutions, and organizer of #DigCitSummitMX (held on October 5, 2017). She has carried out research and written collaborations, English - Spanish translations in different printed and electronic media on topics of technology, education and digital citizenship.

Vision towards the near future: Leading Mexico toward a new perspective about what it means to be digital citizens. Taking leadership to create a new conversation regarding the positive use of the Internet and new technologies.  As they bring us an enormous possibility of connectivity and awesome power, it also involves a great responsibility we all have to create the Mexico we want. No one can be left out.

Rob Bio Pic


Prevention Specialist

"Prevention Science as a Framework for Digital Citizenship" community event at TribeHouse event center

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Rob Timmerman is a graduate of the University of Utah with degrees in Behavioral Science & Health and Sociology with a Criminology Certificate. The director of the South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth for eight years Rob has parlayed his experience leading and building coalitions into his position as a PFS Region Prevention Director working with Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele counties. Mr. Timmerman serves on a number of community and statewide boards and councils including the Utah Prevention Advisory Council, Utah Evidence Based Workgroup, Utah State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, Parents Empowered Workgroup, and is a founding member and advisor to the Utah Prevention Coalitions Association.

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Product and Online safety Specialist, Impero Software

"Prevention Science as a Framework for Digital Citizenship" community event at TribeHouse event center

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With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Forensics and Security and wealth of experience in the education sector, Gez has worked extensively with schools and colleges around the globe to ensure children and young people are provided with a safe and secure learning environment.

Having the opportunity to embark on exciting projects within the digital citizenship world, Gez’s passion for promoting online safety and the opportunities the online environment presents for young people has grown exponentially. Working with world leaders in the online safety space, Gez speaks of his pleasure in spreading the powerful message of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

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Student, SUNY Broome Community College

"#NotAboutThemWithoutThem: How can adults and children/youth work together to #UseTech4Good?" and & "Positively Social and #UseTech4Good Youth Discussion" community event at Microsoft City Creek

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Alicia is currently attending SUNY Broome Community College and is majoring in writing for the media. Alicia plans on attending a four-year college once she receives her associates degree from Broome. Alicia enjoys writing, public speaking and spending time with her friends and family.

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Orem Police Sergeant, co-founder of N.O.V.A. Principles

"Foundations of Citizenship: What are some root principles of good citizenship? How can we cultivate these roots?"

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Sgt. Charlie Wakamatsu started his law enforcement career in April of 1984, working for the Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii. While in Hawaii, he was assigned as a patrol officer in downtown Waikiki, and then to the Intelligence and Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime. After four and a half years with the Honolulu Police Department, he moved to Orem, Utah, in 1988, to work for the Orem Department of Public Safety.

While working for Orem City, he was assigned to work patrol, and in the departments Gang Task Force Unit. He became a certified fire fighter in 1990, and became an Arrest Control Tactics Instructor as well. In July of 1993, he was promoted to Police Sergeant, where he supervised the Community Education Unit, and taught the DARE and Officer Friendly programs for 10 years.

In March of 2003, Sgt. Wakamatsu was given the assignment to create a new drug awareness program for Orem City. With the help of several officers and Dr. Paul Jenkins, a child and family Psychologist, the N.O.V.A. Principles program was created. This program became such a huge success in Orem, that he founded the N.O.V.A. Principles Foundation in order to share this program to other Law Enforcement Agencies.

In January of 2010, Sgt. Wakamatsu was able to retire from the Orem Department of Public Safety. Soon after retiring, he was hired as a part time reserve police officer to continue teaching the N.O.V.A. program in Orem City, which he continues to do to this day.