Youth Extravaganza #UseTech4Good

Utah Valley Convention Center

Provo, UT

November 2017

Elementary, junior high, high school, and college students showcased ways that they #UseTech4Good.

Special Guest Performances by Jenn Blosil (top contestant on American Idol), The Piano Gal (Sara Arkell), and SCERA Youth Theatre's national award-winning high school company, Acting Up!

Special thanks to the youth who contributed their stories to this event!

Full Show

Promo Video

Promo Video

Check out these clips from the #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza.

All youth. All using technology to uplift, inspire, serve, learn, teach, have fun, and generally make a difference in this world for the better.

"Using Twitter for Good"

Hayden Webb

"District DigCitDay"

Alicia Vesely

"Inspirational Thoughts"

Justin W.

"Surviving and Thriving with a Dumb Phone"

Meg Pugsley

A rap about technology

Hans Lehnardt

"Cyber Seniors"

Bethany Wood, Sam W., Rachel L.

"Scouts and Magic"

by John Linford

"Eagle Eyes"

Alex S.

"Making Good Use of Time with Tech"

Mary L.

"Improving Your Brain with Tech"

Gabe L.

"The Power of Positive Choices"

The Upstander Brand

"Inspiration, Learning, Kindness"

Eliza M.

"Just shoes"

Becca L.

"Spreading love with tech"

Lexie F.

"Tech is a Tool"

Owen B.

"Learning about the world with the world"

Curran Dee

Students perform song they wrote

Marla & Mary O.

"Student develops app to save water"

Mollie Dare

"Positively Social"

Special Musical Performances

Jenn Blosil

American Idol Finalist in 2016, performs "Radioactive" and her newest song that she just wrote 2 days before the show!

The Piano Gal

performs and shares how she uses tech for fun.

Acting UP!

"Safe Harbors" (written by Michael McLean) & "Light" (from the musical Next to Normal)

Acting UP!

performs "Be Our Guest" at the #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza

#UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza Program

Pre-Extravaganza entertainment -- Sara Arkell, The Piano Gal

"Be our Guest" (from Beauty and the Beast) -- Acting UP

  • Intro video: Created by a teacher/students team from Utah

#UseTech4Good Stories -- Round 1

  • "Learning about the world with the world" -- Curran D.
  • "Tech is a tool" -- Owen P.   
  • "Spreading Love with Tech" -- Lexie F.  
  • "Just Shoes" -- Becca L.  
  • "Online Inspiration" -- Eliza M.

#UseTech4FUN: The Piano Gal  

#UseTech4Good Stories -- Round 2

  • "The Power of Positive Choices" -- Upstander student leaders  
  • "Eagle Eyes" -- Alex Schneider
  • "Music for the Better" -- Marla and Mary O.  
  • "Making Good Use of Time with Tech" -- Mary L.  

#UseTech4Good Stories -- Round 3

  • "Entering the Tech World as a Freshman in College" -- Hans Lehnardt
  • "Improving Your Brain with Tech" -- Gabe L.  
  • "Scouts and Magic" -- John Linford
  • "Cyber Seniors" -- Bethany Wood, Rachel L.; video by Sam L.

Mini-concert -- Jenn Blosil

#UseTech4Good Stories -- Round 4

  • "District DigCitDay" -- Alicia Vesely (see also Positively Social)
  • "Using Twitter for Good" -- Hayden W.
  • "Surviving and Thriving with a Dumb Phone" -- Meg Pugsley  
  • "Inspirational Thoughts" -- Justin W.  
  • "The opposite of addiction is connection" -- Ethan Fausett

"Safe Harbors" (written by Michael McLean) & "Light" (from the musical Next to Normal) -- Acting UP


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Special Guest Performance

Jenn Blosil

youth technology Jenn Blosil

Meet Jenn Blosil

Vienna born, Utah raised, Jenn Blosil became something of a sensation across America and globally with her stunning performances as a finalist on American Idol Season XV.

A few months later, gold medalist Laurie Hernandez and her partner danced for the win to Jenn's "We Are the Ones" on Dancing with the Stars.

If you were to ask Jenn what her "why" is, the answer is simple: to create beauty and bring goodness to the world. Jenn is an advocate for using social media to strengthen relationships, promote and focus on the good in the world (there's lots of it!) and to add joy to the lives of those that are reached.

Special Guest Performance

Acting Up!

performer conference

Meet Acting Up!

Acting Up! (founded in 1998) is comprised of 40-50 high school students directed by Kathryn Laycock Little.  SCERA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable arts organization founded in 1933. SCERA has more than 18,000 youth participate in some kind of educational opportunity at SCERA each year. 

The participants of Acting Up! come from high schools all over Utah Valley and draw team members from as far as Heber and Fillmore.  Students participate in the SCERA Youth Theatre Holiday and Spring Music Revue, monthly present Sunday musical firesides and perform an outreach musical at locations throughout the state, and are cast in their own full-scale musical production each spring. They also compete at the national Musical Competitions of America in California where they have placed either first or second, or taken sweepstakes for the past eleven years. 

Special Guest Performance

The Piano Gal