Digital Citizenship Summit 2017 Summary and Links to Proceedings

The 3rd annual/2017 Digital Citizenship Summit brought people from Utah and from several different states and countries. This Summit is part of a growing collaborative effort to help adults and youth alike create more deliberateness around the use of technology.

DigCitSummits were held in Nigeria and Mexico earlier in 2017. January 2018 brought a Summit in Spain and more Summits are planned for Australia, the UK, Ghana, and Canada.

You can find artifacts from each element of the Summit below.

Many thanks to our 2017 DigCitSummit sponsors who made this event possible:

  • The Victoria Wheatley Schmidt Charitable Fund
  • The Benjamin Foundation
  • Zion’s Bank
  • Impero Software
  • Google Fiber
  • BrainPOP
  • Social Assurity
  • Utah Coalition of Educational Technology

The two-day event, held on November 2-3, 2017, was focused on expanding conversations around Digital Citizenship. Teachers, parents, youth, and professionals from multiple sectors (e.g., education, business, government, non-profit, health, etc.) gathered to talk about how adults and kids can work together toward more deliberate and positive technology use (#UseTech4Good).

The 2017 DigCitSummit was different from a typical conference. Much of the Summit encouraged creative, collaborative, roundtable discussions. (See outputs of roundtable and group discussions here.) Expert perspectives from outside the Digital Citizenship sphere (prevention science, business, and network weaving) were also invited to engage participants with the intent to expand conversations and brainstorming around building a collaborative Positive Digital Citizenship movement. Several free community events were also held as part of the Summit, including the #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza. We wanted youth to play a significant role in the Summit, and the Extravaganza was one key way they participated. We also had about a dozen youth attend the two-day Summit and participate in the roundtable discussions and in two of the panels.

The Summit was planned with the four values of a #UseTech4Good/ Positive Digital Citizenship Movement in mind. These values which were created in collaboration with Marialice Curran, founder of the Digital Citizenship Summit and co-founder of the DigCitSummit.

  1. Kids Count: Continuously learning, side by side: Youth often have tech savvy that adults do not. And adults have life experience that youth do not. (See Devorah Heitner’s TED talk, “The Challenge of Raising a Digital Native.“) It’s only in working together that youth and adults can truly leverage the power to #UseTech4Good. Also, living in a digital world means we never stop needing to learn and adapt! We can learn together side-by-side, with each other, across generations. #NotAboutThemWithoutThem
  2. The heART of Being Human: We are more alike than different: Empathy and respect for our shared humanity is essential to good living and citizenship, both on- and off-line. When we focus on using tech for good, we focus more on what can unite us, on what we have in common, not on creating and contributing to more divides. This starts in our closest personal relationships and moves outwards in local, global, and digital spheres. Focusing on our shared humanity is a practice, an art, not a science. 
  3. Ripples of Good: Influencers of Change in Our Spheres: We each can have an impact in our personal spheres of influence. Technology can expand our individual reach and impact when we use it deliberately for good. We should never forget that each of us can have an irreplaceable influence and create our own #RipplesOfGood
  4. Better Together: A “We not Me” Mindset: As we each work in our individual spheres and find ways to connect our efforts through cross-sector and cross-generational communication, collaboration, and community-building, together we can create a more Positive Digital Citizenship culture, even a Movement!

Following are links to proceedings from the Summit. See also posts about each session to learn more about why we chose the topics and presenters/speakers for each session.

Links to Summit proceedings and artifacts:

digital citizen booklets
digital citizen summit digital citizen summit digital citizen summit digital citizen summit Digital citizen community marialice

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