For parents: Ask permission before you post photos of your kids

school pictures Studio C

In Utah, there is a comedy sketch show that is pretty popular. It’s called Studio C. Perhaps you have heard of it.

One of the sketches (one that is almost more painful than funny) captures well how most of us have felt (adults) or feel (youth) about school photos. (The same could probably be said of driver license pictures. And actually, they do mention driver’s licenses in the sketch….)

Devorah Heitner, a media historian and creator of the organization Raising Digital Natives, takes this almost-universal negative emotion around school pictures, and makes a bold invitation to parents regarding posting photos on social:

“I want you to try something radical. Right now. If you have a kid who is 9 or older, do not share another picture of her. That is, until you ask her permission.”

Read more in Devorah’s post about what asking permission to post can teach your kids.

This is a simple example of how parents can practice the principle of “Not about them without them.”


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