Digital Wellness Help

Are you wrestling with how to approach technology use in a healthy way in your life or your home? EPIK offers a free community discussion series on Digital Wellness that can be customized for your group, as well as other resources based on EPIK's Digital Centeredness Model.

  • This series, called "Bringing Digital Wellness Home" takes a values-based, multi-faceted approach to Digital Wellness. EPIK's Digital Centeredness model is designed to be used with this self-assessment from the Digital Wellness Institute: https://bit.ly/3KI2uij
  • In addition to the topics in DWI's self-assessment tool, topics also include Social Development Strategy (a model from the prevention science world), and building media literacy/critical thinking skills.

We can facilitate a one-time Digital Wellness discussion for your family or group, or your group can contact us for a free multi-week series. Email michelle@epik.org for more information.

Digital Citizenship Utah

DigCitUtah was created by EPIK Deliberate Digital, a nonprofit focused on facilitating conversation and collaboration around the opportunities and challenges of raising children in a digital world. This website was created to support school community councils, educators, administrators, and parents in their digital citizenship education efforts, and to expand the conversation around what it means for youth and adults to be good digital citizens.

DigCitUtah seeks to expand the conversation around digital citizenship to include more focus on positive uses of technology, encouraging more involvement of youth in the conversation about positive digital citizenship. Historically, digital citizenship education and materials have focused heavily on adults trying to teach children how to be safe online. But just as good citizens don't only avoid danger and harmful behavior or substances, good digital citizens can look for and create opportunities to use technology to make a positive difference in their families and communities -- and in the world.


#UseTech4Good is a platform housing a curated collection of positive examples of youth and technology. While fear has gripped many parents regarding their children and technology, we believe these children and parents have so much to offer with the help of technology. Technology is the tool, we have the power to use it for good.

This is a collective project, curated by and for various organizations, schools, businesses, etc.

A rising tide raises all ships.

Use technology to solve a problem.
Comment kindly.
Share uplifting stories.
Compliment someone on social media.
Help others.
Create solutions.

Other Impact

EPIK has been involved both locally and nationally in vital turning points for the raising of digital natives. EPIK is involved in a variety of ways with a variety of sectors affecting change in all areas including: small working groups, alliances, conferences, panels, podcasts, publications, laws, large group presentations, etc.

White Paper

Prevention Science:

A framework for positive digital citizenship

Read here.


International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy

Michelle Linford of EPIK co-authored the chapter "School Censorship/Appropriateness" in the International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy in collaboration with Tessa Jolls of the Center for Media Literacy. View here.

The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy, John Wiley & Sons Inc, May 2019 https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781118978238. 

digital citizen summit

Tools for Hosting Meetings

Helpful tools to host successful, collaborative meetings. We have included our methods, tips, and how-to's for organizations desiring to make a difference.

utah pta epik

Utah State PTA

Founder of EPIK, Jan Garbett, is on the Utah State PTA family life commission digital citizenship committee.


EPIK contributed significantly to the drafting of HB213, which was the first digital citizenship bill in the nation. 

Read more on HB213 here.

The World of Digital Natives

Podcast on raising digital natives.
Michelle Linford of EPIK,
DeNae Handy, and Greg Trimble

Listen here.

Sex Ed in a Digital Age

Michelle Linford of EPIK on a panel hosted by Big Ocean Women about sex ed in a digital age.

View here.

What about that fuzzy middle space, the space where relationships can be and are built with technology as part of the process? Article by Michelle Linford.

Read here.

What Do We Have To Do To See Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Be The Norm In Schools Around The Country?

Watch here.

Commission on Youth

Founder, Jan Garbett, participated on the Salt Lake County Commission on Youth (COY).

collective impact

EPIK was invited to participate in the Collective Impact Summit Expert Panel in 2015 in Calgary, Canada.


Presentation about kids and technology.

Link coming soon.

What is Collective Impact? Why is it beneficial?