Local Community Meetings (these have tools for them in these folders, maybe there's a better way to include this than just listing them all again?) Let's discuss this part.

Each of these links contains a mix of photos, meeting inputs & meeting outputs to see format, set up, and management of a collaborative meeting working together to create solutions to complex problems.

EPIK Launch (also can include a link to the blog post about the meetings which have posts)

Read about this meeting here. 


Cyber Seniors

10 Collective Impact Meetings (what should this link to? list each one or pick out best resources or write up basic layout of each)


Digital Citizenship Summit Guides - I included below what I found. Let me know if you have others

Meeting Guides

Subcommittee Guides


Community Meetings

Positive Movement Meeting Guide

Structure of Local Community Meetings


Collective Impact Research

All resources in one spreadsheet

Individual summaries of each resource


Collective Impact Research

Here is a link to our Collective Impact Research Project. 

(do you want to include this or just a few files from it?)


Below are links to individual folders or documents designed to help plan a summit or other event.